Tuesday, December 5, 2006

A start

hi my name is Mina and this my blog. I'm 17 years old .. a first year student in the faculty of computer and information sciences - Ain shams university . The blog is named "My Diary" as u can see, but i think it won't be like common diaries .. anyway I'm going to write what i really feel about situations I've been through, friends, college, church, love, politics, sports .. and more and more. I am not sure if it's gonna be interesting or not .. but be sure that this is me .. REAL ME!

The blog will be represented in English, Arabic, French, German ( may be) and Franco Arab in formal and non-formal style.

Have fun and tell me how do you find it !


Meshmesh said...

hey man , i'm meshmesh frm shamsawy , nice blog ;)

i'm sorry that i reply like anonymous but unforantally i forget ma pass of ma user name as usual ...so till i rember it , i'm here :D

munshie said...

hi meshmesh u r so welcomed here .. i hope u enjoy the blog!! c ya on shamsawy ;)

Anonymous said...

hay buddy ... munshie :D
nice Blog man

so it seems that u r a linkin park fan

ok keep it up

this is kab ( from shamsawy)

munshie said...

hi kab .. nice to c u on my blog .. yes um a big linkin park fan :D .. anyway thanks 4 passing by .. c ya on shamsawy ;)

safa7_karmooz said...

i'm back :)

munshie said...

wb meshmesh :D & congrats

why safa7_karmooz anyway :o??

safa7_karmooz said...

lol...., i try to regby meshmesh but i found it with someone else , so i try every nickname i use but the only one that no one take it , was safa7 karmoz >>:)

munshie said...

lol .. it's just a strange name .. but nvm :D

waiting for you comments on my posts ;)