Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blame it on Copts

Being an underground movement for more than 8 decades, the Muslim Brotherhood has always believed in conspiracy theory. In fact the conspiratorial mindset helped the Brotherhood to evolve and attain persistency throughout different regimes that often oppressed them.

By time it became part of the group ideology to the extend they couldn't forsake it even after Morsi came to power and they accused the "deep state" and opposition of siding to prevent Morsi from achieving his great "Nahda" project.

After Morsi's ouster, MB supporters believed that Pope Tawadros was strongly involved in the process. His appearance with Sisi on July 3rd along with Ahmed Al Tayeb, Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh was a strong motive to believe so.

During Nasser, Sadat & Mubarak rule, Copts were prohibited from senior level positions in the government. From army to police to judiciary, Copts promotion would stop at some point. They might also get prohibited from joining a whole sector (for e.g Military Intelligence in army & State Security in MOI) even as low level personnel. Ministers and governors were given position via a non declared quota, rather than competency.

With the rise of the Islamic movements in the 70s, sectarianism rose along and many clashes happened all over Egypt from Suez to Alexandria and from Cairo to Upper Egypt. The state stood still concerning these incidents, sometimes with a complete denial, other times using force without addressing the root cause of the problem. In fact, the state somehow was beneficial from these acts to maintain the Copts loyalty.

After Morsi won the elections in June 2012, the fears of Copts were still there, in fact they were multiplied because of the historic image of the Islamic movements & the violent acts and speech they embraced. Now the Copts face the worst; a combination of the usual discrimination of Mubarak's state against them & a freely-expressed sectarian hatred speech by most, if not all, the islamists.

The most remarkable incident that happened under Morsi's rule was police force attacking the cathedral after the funeral of 4 Copts killed in Shubra suburb in Cairo amid sectarian clashes there.

After the funeral, people chanted against Morsi and MB, MOI forces started to disperse them by tear gas but things escalated and police started bombing the cathedral itself! For the first time in history this happens to any cathedral around the world. It's useless to state Morsi's reaction back then, he almost did nothing but the usual; calling for an investigation that we know nothing about it till now.

Tear gas inside the Coptic cathedral by MOI forces

After his ouster, it was clear that Morsi's supporters misunderstood what happened & misestimated how they lost everyone but them. It's hard to accept the loss when you think of yourself as chosen by God.

The Brotherhood had no explanation for losing power but to blame Copts. The very same minority the Islamists always denied rights for being a "Minority" that should be submissive for the Muslim majority, were the ones who engineered the flocking of millions to the streets demanding Morsi's ouster according to MB.

Here's one graffiti of many hateful spreading lately on the walls of churches that says: June30 = Christians + Mubarak's remnants + thugs:

Other graffitis include curses for the Pope (even on the cathedral's wall), threats, writing the word "Islamic" on churches gates and other hateful ones.

"The Pope is traitor and coward," on the wall of the Coptic cathedral in Abbaseya, Cairo

One opinion that sums the MB current mindset on Copts is the @TheBigPharaoh's:

Following blaming Copts for their failure, MB supporters started burning churches, houses & shops of Christians. Besides the Sinai attacks, sectarian violence towards Christians is becoming daily news in Egypt now, Assiut, Minya, Beni Suef with no plans of crackdown to stop it by state. Further more the silly reconciliation sessions that forces Copts to relinquish their rights and offers impunity to the aggressors like this one happened in Mniya which states that church would compensate the victims whom are Christians! and mentions nothing about the assualters! A clear sign on absence of Law and Order.


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