Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why New York Times saw "Signs of a Shift" in pro-Morsi protests

This is an email I wrote to David D. Kirkpatrick, Cairo Bureau Chief and Mideast Correspondent of The New York Times in response to his report: Signs of a Shift Among Egyptian Protesters to Antigovernment, From Pro-Morsi on August 30 demonstrations (with minor changes).

Dear David,

I just read your report: "Signs of a Shift Among Egyptian Protesters to Antigovernment, From Pro-Morsi" and would like to give you a sign that might explain the signs of shifts.

Here's AlJazeera's anchor Ahmed Mansour, a strong supporter for the Muslim Brotherhood in Rabaa sit-in:

Mansour is saying: “Our rhetoric should now change; the Egyptian people won’t come out with us unless we remind them that Jan 25 revolution has been stolen … if we kept saying Mohamed Morsi, those who oppose Mohamed Morsi will remain at home.”

Now Mansour is *not* basically saying that we should abandon the demand of Morsi’s return (because for example, he didn’t fulfill the revolution goals), he’s saying that we should say it’s not about Morsi just to get people at our side.

You might have noticed this behavior when suddenly AlQaeda & Saudi Arabia flags disappeared from Rabaa sit-in & the Egyptians flags started to prevail. This is one of his advices in the video (using Egyptian flags).

Also, the Anti-coup/ pro-democracy sign at the back of the stage is a sign of their double talk & deception because in Arabic they often called for Sharia law while in English they claim to be democratic (perhaps, ballotocratic?)

Historically, I might refer you to two incidents of MB bluffing and double talks:
1-Fairmont meeting:
When Morsi gave loads of promises to a group of politicians from different political spectrums and achieved none of them after he won, actually he went the other way.

2- The US Embassy:
The MB double talks concerning the attacks on the US embassy (In Arabic spurred it's supporters, in English condemned attacks). Here is the famous tweet by the embassy account:

Here's a full BBC report on MB's duality of language.

This could be (or perhaps, it is) another bluff or tactic by the Muslim Brotherhood after they lost everything/ everyone as per Mansour’s advice; let’s say we don’t want Morsi anymore it’s all about the revolution. Or maybe it’s just the Muslim Brotherhood being the Muslim Brotherhood.

Genuine question: Where was the revolution when Morsi was in power? It’s just something they use when in need to support their cause, just like religion & blood.

With all due respect, I expected a referral to that point in such piece with all the history of sneaky ways of the group.

Best Regards,                                                                                                                                
Mina Fayek

*A copy of this email was sent to Kareem Fahim, New York Times Middle East reporter and a contributor to the report.

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