Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The mentality of Egypt's security apparatus exposed in one interview

On Friday 25th of July, the State Information Services (SIS) published text for an interview with the official spokesman of the Ministry of Interior, General Hani Abdellatif. In the interview he says that "the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip was part of the "New Middle East" project, which mainly targeted Egypt and the Arab Gulf states".

One wonders why then the Egyptian regime is not stopping the incitement against Palestinians in the media. Won't this help in stopping the "aggression" which is part of the "New Middle East" plot? Also, why not try talking to Hamas and other factions in Gaza before formulating the cease-fire proposal as it did with the Israelis?

The original interview was conducted by MENA, the official news agency. In another part he says: "Hillary Clinton in her book (referring to recently released Hard Choices) said that on July 5th, 2013 they (the Muslim Brotherhood) were going to declare the Islamic Caliphate in Sinai and they (the west) would have supported it. And Halayeb and Shalateen would have been annexed into Sudan and Sallum borders would have been opened to Libya (meaning Egypt would lose it to Libya). This is written in Hillary Clinton's book where she confesses that June 30th & July 3rd was a great shock that they (the west) didn't expect that totally foiled this plot".

Of course, what the spokesman quoted or rather misquoted is complete nonsense. Hillary never said this. You can read what she actually said about Egypt here. The nonsense he said was a misquote that recently made the rounds on Facebook about the conspiracies that would have happened if Morsi wasn't ousted.

Prior to that he said that the latest Al-Farafra attack was a plot by "International intelligence agencies that aided and moved [the perpetrators]". More nonsense, the primary investigation by army didn't says so and a military source said that the investigation is still ongoing. Until the investigation is completed, no one, especially security officials, should unleash his own conspiracy theories about who did this .

After watching the interview I stopped wondering why the security situation in Egypt is deteriorating and why all these poor army and police conscripts lose their lives. If you have security officials who parrot conspiracy theories that are spread on social media without making sure of their sources and spew accusations before investigations end, you no longer wonder why we hear about explosions and people dying every couple of days.